What is SEO?

Probably someone you know told you to look into SEO and its this complicated thing that will help your site to rank higher on Google.

Let's start by saying - at Maytech, we do not offer SEO as a service to any of our clients. But we have done a lot of research ourselves over the years and know a thing or two about SEO.

Simply put - SEO is the process of submitting your website for an online competition with all other websites that offers the same products of services as your business.Since Google continue to dominate the global search engine space (with the exception of few countries) - most SEO techniques pivots around what Google does and how they make changes to the ways that they look at websites. If you are already engaging a SEO agency, by now you have probably heard your account manager saying ....."We have to change the tags or site content to suit Google's latest updates."

How to get started?

Before getting any SEO agency or your cousin involved in doing SEO for your website - its important to understand your goals.

Few questions that will help you to discover your goals are
1. What's my product and what is its unique selling proposition?
2. Who are my competitors
3. Who are my current clients, how did they become clients and why are they still doing business with me
4. What is my current "engagement" to "Sale" process - if possible, document it

Knowing what you know now - go on to make a roadmap for your website. Think of your website as its own sales vertical and treat it like one. Set sales or result driven KPI's for your website.
Once you've worked out this roadmap - then you are ready to start optimising your site.

Having an agency Vs Doing it yourself

We believe SEO is about honest content writing and having enough technical knowledge on how to publish it.
At the end of the day - if your site doesn't deliver the value that it promises to deliver - all the money and time spent on SEO is going to be wasted and more than that - your brand reputation is going to do downhill.
So, if you are in a position to understand the basics of SEO and then invest your time both physically and emotionally - then you will save up on spending an X amount of dollars on a SEO agency.

However, if you can't commit the bandwidth out of your schedule to execute and oversee your SEO strategy - then its best to engage an agency with a proven track record to do it for you. The roadmap that you have developed becomes the blue print for your initial engagement with the agency.

Always remember - if you are running a product or a service based business, its all about the numbers / sales. Yes traffic is important but focus on getting high quality traffic from your ideal customers. Make sure that traffic is relevant to your business.

Already have good SEO - but not getting the sales outcomes?

At Maytech - we specialise in big data and data science technologies. We focus on developing result based online solution for our valued customers. We can assist you to setup specific tracking tools to understand where your site is failing to engage your customers and continue to improve your site until the desired outcomes are achieved.

Would like to know more about Conversion Optimisation Strategies? - please contact our Australian head office on +61 3 9020 1497

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