With so many choices out there, it could be quite hard to figure out which ecommerce platform is right for your business.

Before we go too deep into analysing different ecommerce platforms - its important to create a clear blueprint of what you are trying to achive and be realistic about your expectations.

How to create an eCommerce Blueprint

A good place to start is to ask basic questions about your business. This will help you determine how much time and effort needs to go into setting up and managing your eCommerce store.


What's my product?
Is it bulky to ship, fragile, seasonal, is it an expensive item?
How many steps would a customer have to go through before adding an item to the cart (ie, Does is require a lot of on page page configuration)Is it costly to ship?


Who are my customers (age, social groups, demographics ETC)
How often would they use my ecommerce store?
What's the vlaue of an average sale?


How do I handle orders? is there a manual component to my order processing or do I automate it?
Does my inventory numbers cross over different sales channels
Do I let customers backorder if a certain item is out of stock?


Where do I store my inventory (my own factory, a 3PL service or direct to consumer from supplier)
Does my product have multiple boxes and are there any crossovers?
How do I manage inbound goods?


How do I ship my products? Do they require specific courier services? (ie. Fragile items or Chermical goods)
How do I calculate shipping fees (ie. Fixed cost, Free shipping over a certain spend, per cubic metre ETC)
Do I ship to local customers only or do I sell globally?

Growth Projections

What's my growth strategy for the next few years?
Do I want to run a high revenue, large operation or do I want to keep the business lean?
How many staff would I require to run the operations or do I want to automate business processes as much as possible?

Answers to most of these or some of these questions will help you determine the future roadmap / blueprint for your online business.
Whether you want to build the next jd.com or want a simple ecommerce business to support your day job - there's a platform to support it.

Main thing is to know where you want to take the business. Having this blueprint will enable you to decide whether you want a more scalable commercial solution like Magento or a simple solution like WooComerce.

Want to know more about different ecommerce platforms and how they can benefit your business?

At Maytech - we specialise in a number of different ecommerce platforms - from Magento to WooCommerce and everything in between. If you'd like to talk to a solution consultant (obligation free) - please reach out to us on info@maytech.lk or +94 112 739 982. If you are based outside Sri Lanka - please contact our Melbourne based head office on +61 3 9020 1497.

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