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Like a lot of successful companies, we believe our team is the key to our growth.
Maytech’s team is full of incredibly smart and talented individuals. Collectively we’re quite an interesting bunch of people that share similar values and objectives.

Without our team, we simply aren’t able to provide the level of service we do for our clients.

So, if you want to become part of the journey and jour in amazingly dynamic team, why don’t you tell us what you’re made of.

what we look for


We love those that channel their inner nerd and love coming to work each day, looking at finding new and better ways of doing things.

Critical Thinking & Interaction

Our clients require us to think on the spot to meet their needs, so you should to. Our staff engage with clients and work with them to find solutions that meets their needs and challenges.

Work life balance

It’s important to switch off and enjoy things outside work. Our team have passion projects or are involved in various sporting groups plus are family orientated.

Fun loving

There is no I in team. We're all about collective growth and knowledge gain. We love individuals who are passionate about helping others succeed.

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