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We all know the stats
70% of IT projects fail &
experts say its because of
lack of planing

Statistics published in 2013 stated that 70% of IT project failure can be narrowed down to a lack of planning. However, 4 years down the track the numbers seem to have gotten worse. Almost every IT company firm will tell their customers about Agile/SCRUM and show an array for tools they use to manage projects/mitigate risk.

So why does more than 70% IT project still fail in 2017?

We believe it comes down to communication !

Yes, again stating the bleeding obvious. But why?

In almost all projects that we’ve recovered there was one comment element: a massive gap between what the developers thought they were building vs. what the client was expecting. Some projects lacked basic requirements documentation and simple project plans. However, the main issue was lack of constant and effective communication.

At Maytech, we first to try create synergy between us and our customers by understanding our client’s business requirement and their business model. Our core focus is always to provide a software based business solution.

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why us?


We have a depth of experience not just in IT but in business across a range of industries. We employ staff without IT as their core background to help us work with clients to identify their actual business need. This is backed up by our solution and system architectures, who have over 65 years combined industry experience.

Infrastructure & Well defined processes

We adopt industry recognised best practices from client management through to development. We have well defined workflows and processes to ensure all projects are delivered within budget, time and scope.

Size doesn’t matter

Our team love different challenges. We tackle on all projects within our expertise regardless of stage or size. If we can provide a value add we will.

Proven track record

You don’t survive over a decade in business without providing deliverable results to clients. Our clients are a testimony to our track record.

Our core focus is to deliver
result driven business solutions
to all our customers.

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